American Dad!

American Dad! – Is She Not Hot Enough?
American Dad! – Daddy’s Gone

American Dad! – Is She Not Hot Enough?

American Dad - Is She Not Hot Enough?

Steve channels D’Angelo on American Dad!, Season 10: Episode 17 “Rubberneckers”

Lyrics for the song “Is She Not Hot Enough?” from American Dad!, Season 10: Episode 17 “Rubberneckers”

It’s time to wake up, Stan.

It’s time to standup and be a man
Be the husband that you told her you
were gonna be forever
(Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today)
But I can’t see what’s wrong with you
You got a wife, a hot one, too
But if you keep on looking, you won’t end up together
Oh, my God

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American Dad! – Daddy’s Gone

american dad daddys gone

Steve and Roger croon for Stan in the desert on American Dad!, Season 7: Episode 1 “Hot Water”

Lyrics for the song “Daddy’s Gone” from American Dad!, Season 7: Episode 1 “Hot Water”

Been three hours since I saw you walk away from me
I didn’t know the way and I didn’t have the words to speak
But all I knew was…

Daddy’s gone
And we’re
not goin’ home
Ever again

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