Bob’s Burgers

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Bob’s Burgers – Oil Spill

Bob’s Burgers – Oil Spill

Bob's Burger Oil Spill

Tabitha Johansson performs “Oil Spill” on Bob’s Burgers, Season 2: Episode 5

I really tried to hate this show. I thought to myself, “Another animated comedy, Fox? Really?!” And so I avoided it. For a season and half, in fact. Then one day I succumbed to the pleas of my GF and watched an episode in it’s entirety. What a ma-roon (as Bugs Bunny would say) I was! I was ashamed of myself for being so closed minded. It’s everything that The Simpsons used to be and everything that Family Guy will never be. It’s the perfect blend of wit, crass and parody. I genuinely love this show and it has become a permanent occupant of the “Scheduled Recordings” list of my DVR.

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